Leading provider of innovative sales compensation solutions, Aurochs Software, announces the launch of RepEye, an integrated mobile-friendly business intelligence platform

Aurochs has newly launched a tool that allows creation and analyzing quotas which is easier and more precise. An integrated business workflow helps organizations establish the most business-appropriate quota methodology, model different factor influence, and supervise quota setting cycle to make sure that everything is being done in accordance with corporate guidance.

Aurochs Software, a leading name in sales incentive management solutions for the healthcare industry, recently announced that it has successfully completed the Service Organization Control (SOC) 2 Type II, demonstrating compliance to strict information security, availability, and confidentiality standards.

The new Management by Objective system allows businesses, organizations, and institutions to manage their non-sales based key metrics and objectives more efficiently

Incentive Compensation plan facilitates the alignment of salespeople behavior with broader business objectives. There are guiding principles that need to be followed while designing an incentive plan.

Incentive Compensation is inherently a complex business process. The complexity is generally accentuated due to several reasons such as: 1.Geographically diverse business environments. 2.Dynamic market conditions

Do you still rely on Excel spreadsheets to manage sales incentive calculations for your pharma salesforce? Here are 7 signs you should start thinking about implementing an IC solution instead of spreadsheets for incentive management.

Management by Objectives is a management strategy which helps in alignment of broader corporate objectives by cascading down higher strategic goals to individual level goals depending on their function and expectations from their role. This approach was most prevalent for higher level roles and in industries with poor quality sales data or in cases where higher volatility in sales is observed. In the pharmaceutical industry until recently, this incentive plan type was primarily seen for managed markets roles and a few managerial roles. With the evolution of sales roles for specialty therapeutic areas, higher collaboration requirements with other teams and stringent compliance regulations, several companies are moving towards a combination of qualitative and quantitative sales performance measures to calculate incentives of their salesforce to account for changing business dynamics.

Why sales organizations around the world use sales quota achievement as a primary performance metric? It is because sales quotas can help provide visibility to the salesforce on the target that needs to be hit and align the sales force to broader business objectives. In addition, quota achievement plans are easy to administer by HQ and easy to understand by the salesforce which results in increased motivation and engagement of the salesforce.

Aurochs software launches its Objectives Management solution- a self-service module that helps pharmaceutical companies to efficiently administer management based objectives.