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A healthcare-focused IC platform with great benefits, including built-in business workflow and intelligence. That means faster implementation, lower operational costs, and quicker change management. The result? A significantly lower total cost of ownership over the long term.

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At Aurochs, we provide an IC platform with a healthcare focus. Business workflow and intelligence are built in, along with pre-defined handling for a number of IC plan exceptions. Different plan components where variations are offered include HR related exceptions, eligibility management, performance modifiers, payment qualifiers, and special group handling.

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Comprehensive solution suite with capability to manage different needs of incentive program management from setting sales targets/quotas, managing non-sales objectives, calculating field sales incentives, providing access to sales and payout performance, engaging salesforce and proactively performing post hoc IC plan analytics for timely actions.

50+ % lower total cost of ownership

over implementation, change management and annual operations against incumbent system

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Reduced risk

due to a standardized business continuity enabling workflow and user friendly business ready interfaces

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Better at rationalization and governance

with cross-country comparisons to provide information for regional stakeholders

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Improved transparency & effectiveness

because of built-in dashboards and visual reports for proactive tracking to see where changes need to be made

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Faster change management

with built-in IC intelligence and business workflow allowing you to pick and choose your plan components

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No matter what type of sales incentives your healthcare company offers and how it is tracked and addressed, Aurochs is here and ready to help make things easier, faster, better, and more efficient for you.

Free Proof of Concept

We can help you decide. With a free proof of concept you can visualize Aurochs solution suite in action. That will let you compare and contrast our solution with current options from other providers. Reach out to us today, and we can discuss, frame parameters and more, to get you the software suite you need and deserve.

What our customers say

Aurochs has been comprehensively tested in multiple client situations.
Here's what our customers has to say about us

Aurochs team is very responsive, they deliver high quality in design and calculating payout schemes. They always run quality checks and throughout the pilot they informed me in case of any discrepancy they found in SIP calculations. It is true that some of our needs was not yet fully developed in their system, but talking about our needs Aurochs were able to implement our requirements in a short period of time. All in all I would work with Aurochs on the long run, because they save time and increase quality in SIP process

Working with the Aurochs team has been a pleasure as they know the business very well and there was no need of long explanations on processes/calculations. They were very responsive, came up with suggestions for improvement where needed and showed a lot of operational readiness and can-do attitude if some of the desired features weren't part of the tool yet.

Key Aspects

IC Solution Suite with comprehensive capabilities and detailed feature set that goes far beyond current solutions

Healthcare Ready

Standard incentive compensation plan components, metrics, data structures, hierarchy relationships, eligibility exceptions etc

Built-in IC intelligence

Pre-defined business workflow for different functions accounting for client specific variations and exceptions

User Friendly

Intuitive business ready interfaces which business users can use without much technical know how

Ease of Implementation

A high level interface with a buffet of choices that goes far beyond current solutions

Change Efficiency

Pre-defined performance measures and earnings curves that are easy to update

Analytic Insights

Out-of-the-box visual analytics for performance earnings, measures, payments along with plan performance summary

Exception Handling

All the commonly seen exceptions and many more are built into the business workflow

Modelling & Simulation

Allows users to proactively analyze impact of plan changes on various plan performance parameters before rolling out any changes

Resource Effectiveness

Streamlined and automated workflow, easy plan changes and intuitive interface enables a leaner operations team

Field Reporting

Web and Excel formats creation and distribution with internationalization and what-if capabilities

Quality Framework

Integrated quality assurance framework that incorporates input/output integrity validations and rich data summaries

Audit & Compliance

Comprehensive audit framework that tracks all system activity including jobs, changes, approvals, adjustments

Modular Architecture

Modular architecture with universal output structure at specific touchpoints ensure that adding a new component is quick and easy

Multi country Data Isolation

Allows Incentive plans for multiple countries to be deployed on the same instance

Regional HQ Reporting

Higher level cross-country plan and performance reporting for improved plan governance, accounting and analytics

New Age Technology

SAAS platform hosted on the cloud, SSO enabled, built using comprehensive data privacy and security framework