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Managed IC Operations Service

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Having a fully outsourced offering that manages all your IC needs is important for success, and you can get that through Aurochs services. A virtual IC operations team is provided, and they will ingest all the inputs, validate them, calculate all the outputs, and then create, generate, and validate reports. Expertise matters when you're working with IC management, and it's not always possible for everyone on your management team to have that expertise.

For example, client personnel may not have complete business and technical knowledge of the IC process, such as sales crediting, quota setting, MBO management, and performance calculations. Because of that, they need help to make sure things are done correctly. With Aurochs, you can get experience with the different types of IC plans and standard processes. You'll also get a strong program governance framework, and our team has the proven IC expertise to deliver high quality results each and every time.

You want and need efficiency and quality, and sometimes manual interventions and high processing time limits the ability of client personnel to add value and drive sales effectiveness initiatives. Fortunately, you don't have to struggle with manual data checks and system reruns that take up significant time and add to your frustration.

With Aurochs, you'll get an in-depth quality assurance framework that encompasses data validations and variations, along with business insights and visualizations. Our high degree of automation and advanced technology solves the issues that so many people face in the healthcare field when it comes to IC management and related sales incentive concerns.

Elasticity is important, as being flexible is one of the ways that more can get done. Additionally, flexibility is valuable since incentive compensation is one essential aspect of a changing environment over which you don't always have complete control. Market events can mean a change in strategy. In turn, that can drive changes in business rules that result in system changes. At times, those essential changes get delayed because there is a lack of capacity or technical know-how.

With Aurochs, you won't need to worry about any of that any longer. Instead, you'll have a clearly defined calendar of deliverables, along with surge staffing capability for adhoc business events. Additionally, you can expect our combination of IC expertise, system knowledge, and technology to make you more agile to such events, so you can feel prepared and ready even when you have an unexpected change in plans.

Your company wants to practice excellence, and sales incentives are among the primary drivers of sales force motivation and alignment when it comes to meeting your business objectives. Any errors in the incentive compensation implementation can cause mistrust, and can decrease your sales force engagement. But when you have better accuracy and delivery timelines from Aurochs, you no longer have to worry about that implementation or the mistrust that can come with performing it incorrectly.

A lower cost of ownership also comes with our solutions, as you'll receive responsive offshore support and a lower acquisition cost due to our intuitive solution design. You can get what you need for accurate and effective IC management, for less than you expected.