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IC Implementation & Change Management

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For IC implementation and change management, the Aurochs IC implementation framework offers process steps to move things along smoothly.Immersion is the first step, and involves defining the project team and the plan. Then the current systems landscape has to be understood in order to ensure that everything moves smoothly in the present and the future.

This framework also provides the opportunity to:

Review existing reports and data feeds
Gather a current IC plan
Understand eligibility rules and rationale
See where issues lie and adjustments need to be made
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In order to move through immersion, our service will help your company with:
  • Mapping current data management process
  • Understanding inputs, data transformations, and data validations
  • Addressing the quality control processes and checks
  • Designing a scorecard or other report and delivery system
  • Creating business use cases
  • Developing a testing plan

Working with our service on immersion allows for proper implementation of the process steps, as implementation is the second step.

Defining data architecture is a critical part of implementation, as well, and Aurochs offers your healthcare company the ability to do that more easily. Additionally, you will be able to:

  • Design and implement data transformation specifications
  • Define design conventions
  • Get support for custom data management
  • Implement additional validations that work for your company and your sales force

When you configure Aurochs IC calculation engine, you can customize reports to get the information you really need to succeed. The report association and distribution process can then be designed and implemented in a way that needs your company's needs, and you can even load and validate sample client data. By creating detailed test cases and performing unit testing, you can see what possible scenarios exist and determine how you want those scenarios handled.

Testing and rollout is the third step, and in order to make sure everything is working correctly you'll want to execute end-to-end system testing. You can do that with Aurochs, and you can also:

  • Conduct user training
  • Conduct user acceptance testing
  • Ensure that everything is being handled the way you want it
  • Help your sales force get what it needs to be successful

Our services can help you define and implement an access control matrix as the fourth step, and you can benefit from Aurochs years of experience with implementation of high value IC projects on various platforms. You'll also get the benefit of:

  • Strong business and functional knowledge
  • Comprehensive data, business, and quality training and resources
  • A strong program governance framework that can help you manage projects more efficiently than ever before