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Goal/Quota/Target Setting

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Setting goals, quotas, and targets is a vital part of keeping your sales force striving for something, and helping them have something to work toward in order to feel they are doing their jobs correctly. You want your team to work hard, but you also want them to feel rewarded for the work they're doing.

A good balance between those two things can be very important. We can help with the process steps for that, including a review of national forecasts and trends, and a gathering of historical information on a territory level.

Additionally, we can help you understand the variations in territory potential and determine a goal-setting methodology that takes territory performance and other factors into account. Then you can more easily set quotas and targets for the current period, and compare the test period targets with actual sales in order to make sure you're handling compensation and expectations fairly. Aurochs can help you determine and finalize factor weights, along with setting preliminary quotas for a future period. That will help to facilitate field refinement and communication.

There are many benefits to doing this, including developing a clear understanding of quota distribution and finding any biases that need to be uncovered and removed. By using historic performance modeling on new goals, you can also more easily understand expected results. Our financial modeling can help you estimate your cost impact, and you can use post hoc goal accuracy review and model evolution in order to see where changes need to be made.

Your healthcare company may be on track with its sales force, or it may need to make some adjustments for a higher level of success. But the most important thing is that you'll know what needs to be done and how to handle it, so you can make the required changes and improve your company and sales force over time.