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Custom Reporting & BI Dashboards

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Your BI dashboard and the ability to report what matters most to your healthcare company and its sales force are both very important aspects of your SFE function. With Aurochs, you can get the custom field reporting and distribution you require, and the ability to generate visual, modular, HTML5, CSS, PDF, and Excel field reports to meet your needs.

Our HTML and Excel reports offer interactivity, so you can get even more done and discover more about how your sales force can and should be managed for the highest level of success. You'll also enjoy a self-service portal which is email and Sharepoint distribution capable.

Reporting is a vital part of knowing as much as possible about your sales force, and your BI dashboard is how you'll locate, organize, and process all of the reporting information. With Aurochs, you can create progressive, web-based, mobile-friendly, and data-driven dashboards with visual, tabular, and metric-based presentation of all your key performance information. Additionally, you'll get drilldown capabilities and an innovative visual representation of business events.

Those include geographical, map-based visualizations to see where everyone is and how they are succeeding. A single sign-on capability, impersonation enabling, and engagement tracking all help you get things done, as do data-driven interactive visualizations in the browser. There are a wide variety of standard visualizations that can be adapted to your use, so you can see what really matters and avoid what doesn't.

Aurochs also gives you the opportunity for Tableau visualizations, so you can implement an interactive data dashboard using Tableau. Our services allow you to use your Tableau dashboard to integrate, cleanse, and rationalize multiple data sources with a data preparation engine. A fast iteration between versions can help you develop data analysis stories you can look at quickly, so you know what to do next. Making your next move is much easier when you choose the right data analysis for maximum effectiveness.

Our reporting design philosophy is that reports should be both modular and visual. With our approach, you can use the modular structure of reports to allow a better and more effective understanding of different aspects of the report. You can also get a visual representation of the data, which results in both understanding and the opportunity for faster decision-making.

Our software is clear and transparent, and reports infuse that transparency in both the regular process updates and the calculation paradigm. That helps with ongoing engagement and reinforces the focus on sales behaviors that you want to keep. Reports are also easy to track, with a calculation flow on the report which is in sync with the plan communication document. That improves the level of user acceptance and helps reinforce good sales behaviors through a stronger understanding of the plan design.

Another value point for our software is that it's actionable, with reporting measures and performance metrics that are predictable and well understood. A common interpretation of the metric and its trend strongly defines the nature of any required action. In short, our philosophy allows you to see improved transparency, reduced shadow accounting time, increased resource productivity, decreased dispute resolution time, and higher motivation and engagement, all through use of our services.