Incentive Compensation Capability Maturity Matrix

A tool to gauge the maturity of your Incentive Compensation Administration capability

Please answer the questions in each of the sections below and then head over to the results page.

This section focuses on overall satisfaction of the primary stakeholders. This section evaluates factors such as pay accuracy, pay timelines, field reporting accuracy, number of disputes and many more. This is the first level of assessment which gives you a picture of whether your field reps are satisfied with how the IC plan is administered along with communication.

This section analyses whether the organisation follows best practices of process implementation and how well the established processes are adhered to. It takes into consideration factors like establishment of documentation procedures, if operational KPIs are tracked, how well a quality framework is followed and how well communication protocols and approvals work.

This section helps analyse how well the individuals administering the IC plan adheres to recommended practices. It looks into factors like roles and responsibilities, ownership and accountability, workhours per day, training/on-boarding practices and many more.

The last and one of the most important factor is whether technology supports all other three aspects effectively. This analyses the level of automation, reporting standards, access control, notification, disaster recovery and all such factors which evaluates how well technology is implemented to seamlessly administer the IC plan.

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