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Quota Manager

Self-Managed quota setting tool with built-in commonly used quota setting methodologies including non-sales based potential parameters with capability to test territory-product level goals

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Create and analyze quota on the fly

A built-in business workflow helps you set up the desired quota methodology and manage your quota setting cycle to ensure that everything is being done and handled in the right way, each and every time.

Support for multiple methodologies is very important when it comes to setting, analyzing and managing the quotas of your salesforce and their incentive compensation. With Aurochs software, your healthcare company can expect to calculate quotas using various methods like uniform growth, potential proportional unit growth, equitable unit growth, uniform share growth, and a weighted index.

By defining multiple quota weight sets and finalizing the right one after comparing across each one, you can see whether your sales incentives are being handled correctly or if changes need to be made. Built-in visual dashboards will help with your analysis, ensuring that any needed changes are correctly handled and made promptly and thoroughly. Additionally, this software offers:


The ability to set quotas for defined test periods

Fairness Bias

The opportunity to analyze performance metrics and historical markers of fairness

Pay for Performance

An analysis of the various types of pay for performance metrics

Rationalization & Governance

The ability to define quota floors and caps, depending on numerous parameters

The quota refinement interface is integrated into the software, letting field users have access to refining quotas. Doing this within business constraints that are predefined reduces the risk of problems in refining these quotas. With an integrated reporting platform and an ability to communicate quota methodology, the Aurochs software allows the setting of actual targets across a broader and larger sales force to ensure quotas are being met and incentives are being addressed appropriately.