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MBO Manager

Self service module to set, track and rate non-sales based KPI with built-in approval workflow and discussion/commenting capability

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Management by Objectives / Strategic Business Objectives

Focusing on MBO, or management by objective, helps you to create, manage, rate, and approve all your objectives. Those objectives can be set at different levels, all across your sales force.

The mix-and-match of customized objectives and their effective periods can be very important for sales incentives in a healthcare company, and our Aurochs software helps ensure you can address those objectives and periods the right way.

For any manager setting up objectives in their sales force, constraints are required and necessary. Having those objectives defined for them can make things easier for managers and help them manage their sales force more effectively. In addition to these benefits, the software provides:

Rating Framework

Support for multiple types of scoring systems

Objective Evaluation

Built-in objective evaluation capability both by manager and self

Collaborative Review

A conversational feature so performance and objectives can be discussed

Audit & Compliance

A built in framework to track any system activities and approval

Your healthcare company can enjoy notifications of system activity and timelines that are automated, in order to keep things moving smoothly forward, and there is objective set duplication across all reps that can be uploaded from Excel and properly supported. With a detailed reporting dashboard that tracks the completeness of the objective management, it is easy to see what is getting done and any areas were work still needs to be accomplished.

The most valuable benefit of the MBO is that it can easily be integrated into Aurochs' main ICM solution. Your healthcare company will have a comprehensive, one-stop solution for all the incentive compensation processes it needs to keep track of, making that tracking easier for everyone involved in the process.