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IC Health Tracker

Plan fairness audit tool to perform periodic assessment of IC plans using descriptive summary statistics, visualizations, industry standard performance indicators

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Proactively monitor health of your IC plans

With our IC health check, you get the audit tool you need to perform a periodic assessment of your IC plans. But that's not all you can do with what Aurochs has to offer. You can also take a look at everything from rep level payments and territory level earnings to a descriptive summary and statistics for a number of different plan metrics.

That will help you focus on all of your IC metrics and ensure that your sales incentives are being handled the right way. Comparing your percentile performance with benchmarks in the industry can also help ensure that your company's compensation stays on track.

The software also:

  • Fully integrates with the incentive compensation calculation module
  • Correlates with different plan types
  • Provides histogram charts for comparison against several metrics

Different performance levels and metrics matters, and by being able to easily look at average and median performance statistics our software can make your quota setting and sales compensation easier. You can quickly see how your salespeople are doing, and where changes may need to be made, so that you can adjust and continue moving your healthcare company forward.