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IC Calculation Engine

Sales incentive engine featuring built-in business workflow with an intuitive interface, healthcare industry standard incentive compensation plan components, metrics, data structures and functional requirements

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Designed for the healthcare industry

The Aurochs software offers a big advantage over other incentive calculator options available to your healthcare company, including the ability to pick and choose your components from a list. That makes it easier to get what you need right away, and get started on calculating and tracking your sales incentives.

Among the components you can pick from the list include:

Payout methods

for handling commission, matrix, lookups, and the bonus pool

Plan definition

such as promoted products, payout frequency, payout capping, and plan periods

Eligibility issues

like calculation method, HR scenarios, leaves, and termination

Performance measures

including volume attainment, market share, rank, historical bases, and volume growth

Defining all of these measures can be done at the team level and also at higher geographical levels, if you want to assign more than just one type of component for your salesforce incentives. With performance qualifiers, portfolio components, and multipliers/modifiers that can be created, adjusted, and defined, it is faster and easier than ever before to keep track of your employees' sales incentives and much more.

The software also offers built-in analytics and summary reports, in order to provide input and output validation along with a plan performance summary and a country summary based on plan performance and plan configuration. An integrated quality framework offers information on constraint checks, data sanity checks, business insights, and referential integrity, and the business insights take it one step further by breaking it down into threshold based analysis, month over month comparisons, and a summary and trends section that can provide you with the depth of data you are looking for.

The Aurochs software also provides a universal output structure, with rep payouts, rep territory payouts, earnings details, an eligibility summary, and a territory earnings summary in order to study sales incentives and fully address management by objective. There is a approval framework for payments, integrated tracking capability, and cross-communication integration and data management. You can conveniently account for the raw input files and turn them into the desired format all while continuing your ongoing operations, too.

Defining parameters, enabling multi-country support, using batch processing, allowing for role-based access control, and working within the comprehensive audit and compliance framework that the software provides for you all help to ensure that the Aurochs software suite provides everything your healthcare company needs to track sales incentives and so much more.