IC Solution Suite for leading Surgical & Vision Care

A multi-country roll-out of our IC solution suite for one of the leading Surgical & Vision Care Company deployed on a single standardized platform for different business units having heterogeneous data sources, data sanctity for previous payouts, intuitive interfaces, configurable parameters, plan modeling & financial impact modeling

Incentive Calculation Engine for top global pharma manufacturer

An Incentive Calculation Engine for one of the top 5 global pharma manufacturers encompassing all HR exceptions, complex plan design variations, interactive HTML and excel reports, pick and choose reusable component framework allowing for quick implementation and speedy change management

IC Solution Suite for leading global biotech company

Multiple modules (incentive calculation automation, field reporting, target setting) deployed for one of the leading global biotechnology companies across multiple European countries accounting for several country specific HR exceptions, IC plan complexities such as multi-tier performance measure calculations, payment qualifiers etc.

IC Engine for top global healthcare company

Incentive automation for one of the top global healthcare companies where IC engine was configured across 10 countries belonging to APAC, Europe and LATAM regions for very different business units. Enabled global performance summary reports with built-in currency conversion for easy comparisons across countries.

Field communication & reporting tool for small pharma

An intuitive field communication & reporting platform for small pharma that utilized outputs of excel based incentive calculation system to create HTML/PDF/Excel reports. The reports were designed to be highly intuitive, transparent with motivational messaging for improved engagement.