Proof of concept

We’re confident that Aurochs will give you the ability to maximize returns on sales compensation, but we don’t expect you to take our word for it. Our proof of concept (POC) offers a customized trial access to Aurochs. The two-week plan will show you exactly how our solutions can tailor-fit your business and yield results. Here’s how it works.

Pick a salesforce/plan of your choice and the Aurochs services team will work closely with you to gather requirements, identify data inputs, and configure the relevant Aurochs modules to demonstrate how your plan would work within the Aurochs ecosystem. We’ll also generate comparison reports to cross-validate results from the Aurochs system with those from your legacy system and highlight any discrepancies.

What’s Included?

Week 1

  • Identification of a representative IC calculation process
    1. We’ll work with you to identify upto two IC plans that are representative of the complexity within your organization’s IC function using our detailed PoC scope selection methodology.
    2. Identify success parameters and key pain points related to the IC function that the process owner wants to address.
  • Business Rules Document review and Requirements clarifications
    1. We’ll perform a detailed review of the Business Rules Document that is associated with the two IC plans that have been selected and list out any ambiguities that exist.
    2. We’ll meet with the relevant IC stakeholders and clarify how these ambiguities are handled. We’ll also gather any other nuances of the plan from these stakeholders which are not captured on the BRDs.
  • Inputs identification and structure and rules review
    1. We’ll work with the data team to understand the source, structure and content of raw input files and any transformation business rules
    2. Receive and review all PoC input files that have been identified
  • Governance checkpoint
    1. We’ll hold a meeting with the business process owner responsible for the IC process to communicate on the learnings, scope and structure of the PoC.
  • Provisioning of a POC Instance for relevant Aurochs modules
    1. We’ll setup a PoC instance with all selected Aurochs modules and setup access to identified business users.
  • Transformation of your raw input files to Aurochs formats
    1. Design and develop transformation processes to convert raw input files to Aurochs desired input formats
    2. Involve data team in more touchpoints to clarify any deviations on the data structure and content from what was identified.

Week 2

  • Implementation of all relevant Aurochs Modules
    1. We’ll configure the selected plans and related elements on all the relevant Modules of the Aurochs Solution Suite.
    2. Involve business team in more touchpoints to clarify any additional ambiguities during the implementation
    3. Generate standardized report outputs from the Aurochs System for process transparency
  • System walkthrough for key stakeholders
    1. We’ll walk key stakeholders in your business team through the PoC implementation of your selected IC plans and explain how pain points are addressed and success parameters are intended to be achieved.
  • Cross-validation of Aurochs module outputs with your legacy system outputs
    1. Gather legacy system results and generate a cross validation report to compare results.
    2. Identify any discrepancies and document root causes.
  • POC conclusions and IC Process improvement recommendations
    1. Create a PoC summary to document scope, process, outcomes and broad performance parameters.
    2. Provide any IC improvement recommendations identified during the PoC
    3. Review meeting with the process owner of the IC function to communicate outcomes, and achievement of success parameters.
  • Broad scoping of time and effort required for full deployment
    1. Provide client with a high level framework to identify total scope of time and effort required to onboard all plans of the organization.

Reach out to us today, and we can discuss, frame parameters and more, to get you the software suite you need and deserve.

If you believe a more extensive PoC is required for your needs, we can provide the same at non-prohibitive costs.