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By 2015-09-22 Incentive Compensation Management, Sales Compensation Management, Sales Performance Management

Many small and medium sized pharmaceutical companies still rely on excel spreadsheets or home-grown script based solutions to manage sales incentive calculations for their salesforce. There are many limitations with these solutions which Aurochs solution suite can help with without breaking the bank. Here is an infographic explaining differences between Aurochs Software and Excel Spreadsheets using various parameters around outcomes, people, process and technology. This is largely applicable for other home grown script based solutions as well.

Several affiliates of pharmaceutical companies with small and medium sized salesforces still use excel spreadsheets or home-grown script based solutions to manage sales incentives for their salesforce. Such solutions are generally deployed without necessarily quantifying the impact of various qualitative and quantitative parameters on overall top line and salesforce engagement rate. Generally mentioned reasons for selecting these solutions over some of the other industry standard solutions are :

  • Cost constraints:

    In general sales operations groups are facing internal cost pressures and many of the industry standard solutions are successful only with outsourced and consulting led approaches which pushes them beyond the affordability barrier while excel and home grown script based solutions are considered to be inexpensive

  • Data Access:

    Reliance on external consultants for data needs increases the turnaround time for disputes and analysis requested by management for quick decision making

  • Process Control:

    Perception of control is generally low with industry standard solutions because of lack of familiarity of internal resources with these systems due to non-intuitive user interfaces and process workflow.

Though all of the above mentioned concerns are fair but there needs to be a systematic comparison of pros & cons between in-house solutions and industry standard solutions. Aurochs has created an infographic to compare performance of excel spreadsheet based solutions with Aurochs Incentive Calculation Engine on several important parameters which needs careful deliberation. Same comparison holds true for other home-grown script based solutions as well.

Aurochs Vs Excel

You can access the more detailed interactive infographic here.

Aurochs has also created a standard model for calculating cost of ineffective incentive compensation management system and processes which you can tweak to your needs by using various inefficiency parameters. Use it to estimate the cost impact of using inefficient IC system and build your business case for implementing industry standard solution around it.

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