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Rep-Eye Reporting

Aurochs Software

Scorecards and Dashboards play a significant role in the overall success of an Incentive Compensation program. Aurochs RepEye’s data-driven reports with rich visualizations provide each sales person with details of his/her performance and incentive calculations for each plan component. These reports infuse transparency in the calculation paradigm and offer regular progress updates with focus on desired behaviour.


  • Modular & Visual – Visual reports to improve the overall understanding of individual performance
  • Clear & Transparent – Highlights plan participant level final payout number in addition to territory level earnings associated with each of the individual plan components
  • Easy to track calculation flows – Individual section for each of the applicable plan component detailing calculation flow in synch with the way structure is defined in the incentive plan design document
  • Actionable Insights – Capability to understand future earning potential with the help of what-if calculators
rep eye reporting


  • Full web-based GUI administration interface
  • HTML reporting with optional PDF conversion
  • iPad, iPad Mini, 7”, 9” tablet compatible
  • Automated as well as custom user association capability
  • Bulk User upload capability
  • Report categorization by type and period
  • Static report integration capability
  • Integrated with IC calculation engine

The Aurochs RepEye Reporting module is integrated with Aurochs Software but is also available as standalone module. Aurochs software also provides following additional services for clients in case they would like to purchase Aurochs RepEye as a standalone service.

Reporting Infographic

1. Data Transformation, Cleansing and Monitoring

We help our clients to automate reporting processes from upstream data siloes. During this process, we maintain focus on quality right from the data extraction and transformation stage to ensure that the inputs required for reporting are of the highest quality.

Our service includes all the desired steps required for successful input data loading and processing such as:

  • Integration and extraction of input data from upstream data sources.
  • Automated processes to transform data to desired format and aggregation level.
  • Data cleansing and validation step which provides automated kickout and input summary reports. Some of the institutionalized checks are:
    1. Control total checks.
    2. Referential integrity checks.
    3. Month-to-month data variations.

Aurochs institutionalizes these checks to track and monitor the quality of your inputs required for creation of field level reports on an ongoing basis.

2. Ongoing Support for Reporting

We also offer the ongoing operations support for instances where significant manual oversight is required because of data issues or business challenges. We essentially offer reporting as a service which takes the ongoing burden off your shoulders and ensure field level reports of highest quality. During ongoing support, we focus on automated as well as manual validations of field level reports primarily for business exception scenarios with the help of standard operating procedures document.

3. Report Access Control and Distribution

Access control and distribution of reporting within your organization is critical to ensure that sensitive business data is only seen by authorized eyes. Our report access control and distribution automation services can accommodate multiple roles and complex reporting relationships. This capability leaves you satisfied with the level of access control accuracy and distribution efficiency.