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Quota setting is one of the key areas of the Sales Operations process for pharmaceutical companies. Sales quotas defines the performance expectation from individual salespeople. Quota-based incentive compensation plans are dominant in the pharmaceutical industry. Every incentive cycle, sales leadership and the operations teams face a difficult job of setting fair but challenging quotas. As a company, you want your sales team to meet their quotas but also push the envelope to achieve growth. Quotas play a big role in motivating sales reps to achieve broader strategic business objectives.

It is extremely important to define quotas for individual territories based on their respective potential so as to ensure that quotas are fair across territories. Inaccurate goals can either lead to excess payouts or sub-optimal sales performance because of excess goals which leads to disengagement of the salesforce and results in high attrition rate among the salesforce.


Aurochs Quotas from Aurochs Software is a self-managed quota setting tool that can help pharmaceutical companies to manage their quota setting process in-house. It allows one to select an appropriate goal setting methodology and modify quota setting parameters to suit your business objectives. It also provides out-of-the-box analysis of goals and provides visual charts for better understanding of your goal expectations. The quota module also provides you flexibility to test your quotas and helps optimize your factor weight selection to minimize net error in the model.

Various types of quota setting methodologies are inbuilt and can be selected depending on the broader business objectives and current performance of the product. Available methodologies currently are:

  • Uniform Growth - All territories to grow by national unit growth / # of territories.
  • Equitable Unit Growth - All territories to grow by same national % growth expectation.
  • Potential Proportional Unit Growth - Each territory is required to grow in proportion to their individual sales potential indexed against national sales potential.
  • Uniform Share Growth - Each territory is required to grow by same share points as expected at the national level.
  • Weighted Index - Goals based on linear combination of different factors after applying desired factor weight.