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Aurochs software helps pharmaceutical companies with better compliance, increased accuracy and provides flexibility to change incentive plans in a timely manner. Due to this unique positioning Aurochs can help you gain a foothold through implementation and management of the incentive compensation system. This builds goodwill for the reseller company within the sales organization which leads to increased business opportunities.

Pharma Industry

  • Tough industry to gain access to
  • Understands importance of sales analytics and value added consulting

Opportunity Space

  • Big pharma is dominated by a few Incentive Compensation Management players
  • Excel spreadsheet farms dominates small pharmaceutical companies

Selling Advantage

  • Pharmaceutical focus of software
  • Inexpensive price points to replace excel
  • Software ease-of-use enables high productivity
Incentive Compensation Management may seem as an isolated business process in the sales domain, however it acts as a pivot around which a rigorous sales planning ecosystem grows.