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Aurochs IC Health Check

Aurochs Software

Incentive Compensation plans act as a strategic tool to align salesperson behavior with business objectives. It acts as a catalyst to motivate the salesforce. Incentive Compensation is the primary tool to differentiate between salespeople based on performance and helps retain top performers by clearly calling them out. It also plays a significant role as part of total compensation structure and acts as a lever to attract top talent. It is an ongoing nightmare and still very few companies have an effective strategy for assessing the health of their IC plans.

To accomplish this objective, Aurochs Software has created the IC HEALTH CHECK tool. It is a plan fairness audit tool which allows our clients to perform periodic assessment of their sales incentive plans and gauge the fairness perception of the sales force. This out-of-the box health check module will help pharmaceutical companies to evaluate any biases, understand any shortcomings with their existing IC plans and allow them to take appropriate steps to course correct for any failings or new strategic business needs.

This solution comes pre-built with an extensive feature set including:
  • Descriptive Summary Statistics for different plan metrics, territory level earnings, rep level payments
  • Comparison of Max, Min, (90th , 25th, 10th) percentile performance with industry benchmarks
  • Comparison of performance at different levels with median and average performance
  • Correlation, histogram charts for different plan types against several metrics
  • Fully Integrated with Incentive Compensation calculation module

The IC-Health Check solution can also be deployed as a standalone module that draws data from pre-existing IC calculation system and other source systems. Aurochs also provides flexibility to integrate the health check module with other IC calculation software with the help of in-built data management capability.