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A buffet of design components for plan setup, an intuitive operational cockpit for ongoing management and a one-stop admin dashboard for access control and auditing enables in-house administration of the sales compensation function.

Aurochs Software

A buffet of incentive plan design components specific to the pharmaceutical industry for plan setup, an intuitive operational cockpit for ongoing management, a one-stop admin dashboard for access control and a consolidated compliance dashboard to audit any changes and review job logs. Aurochs software has been designed using years of incentive compensation administration experience for pharmaceutical companies of different sizes which makes the ongoing process management and periodic changes simple and efficient.

Aurochs software is a collection of 4 dashboards – Configuration, Operations, Admin, and Compliance

Configuration Dashboard

Configuration dashboard has 3 primary functions:

  • Master data management of key dimensions
  • Global payout curves and tables definition
  • Plan parameter definition and incentive plan configuration for individual products

Aurochs provides an intuitive interface to select desired incentive plan components from the list of all commonly used components in the pharmaceutical industry. Our interface will help users configure incentive compensation plans at a pace that was never possible before.

The Master data management feature helps avoid configuration issues related to selection of appropriate salesforces, channels, datatypes and products. This ensures that the key dimensions are selected from a master list across the system and facilitates weeding out of configuration issues upfront.

The global payout curves definition section allows users to create lookup, matrix and commission tables in an easy-to-use interface with a visual representation of the curve. This visual feedback mechanism reduces the likelihood of errors while defining payout curves.


Operational Dashboard

Aurochs software also has a simple and intuitive operational cockpit to support ongoing process management. It has 5 primary functions –

  • Input and parameter file management
  • Process plans & validations with input and output summary visualization
  • View and download detailed plan calculation reports and payroll
  • Review and post payments into history
  • View history tables

Aurochs software supports any type of delimited text file and has a user-friendly interface to upload input files and manage multiple input files. Our input and output validation dashboards offer data-rich visual summaries of input and output data along with detailed validations and kickout reports.

Aurochs also provides user an access to detailed calculations which can be viewed in the reports section. There are 3 types of reports user will have access to for each plan –

  • Territory earnings report which includes all the intermediate calculation values along with input and final output values for each of the individual territory – product component combination
  • Rep – Territory payout report which includes portfolio level earnings summary and post eligibility payouts
  • Rep payout report which can be used as payroll report

Each of these reports can be viewed in web format or can be downloaded for further analysis. User even has a flexibility to select fields for each report within each plan that should be visible during web view or in the downloaded report.

The payments section also provides a plan summary page for analyzing plan level performance and visualizing payout trends.

Admin Dashboard

Admin dashboard supports various administrative functions required for ongoing IC processing. Admin Dashboard has 3 primary functions –

  • User provisioning and access control management
  • Datamonth management with capability to add new datamonths by copying configuration from one of the existing datamonths
  • Mapping Input and parameter file column names to system required field names

The user provisioning section allows for user creation and deletion as well as granting access control rights. Role based access control secures the various dashboards by specifying functional roles for users such as configuration, administration and compliance. For configuration and operations specifically, the level of access granularity is the individual plan level.

Compliance Dashboard

The compliance dashboard acts as a one-stop location to review summary of all system changes and job logs in addition to payout adjustments audit. The change audit view gives you access to the summary and detailed history of all the modifications made to the datamonth which includes system configuration changes, user modifications, file uploads and any deletions. The job audit screen provides a log summary along with details of the timestamp, user name and the status of completion for every job execution.

Documents & Support

Aurochs software comes with in-depth documentation, tutorial videos, pharmaceutical industry specific common business use case guides and frequently asked questions to hand-hold users through ongoing operations. All these documents will be available for download on the home page of the software.

Higher plans offer an assigned support analyst to every client who will provide guidance during change management and ongoing operations if required. Next business day email support is standard on all plans. Aurochs will conduct monthly conference calls to brief about our release roadmap and to understand any client specific requirements. The software homepage also contains a long-lived chat window for messaging the support analyst.

Aurochs will be able to provide implementation support, parallel processing and triage support and managed services through our partner channel.