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256 bit SSL for secure data transfer, cloud based multi-instance architecture, daily backups with two week history and monthly backups with three month history, access control at plan level and full audit tracking to ensure compliance.

Aurochs Software

Data security

Aurochs web frontend is secured with 256 bit SSL to ensure encrypted traffic. If you'd prefer that the software is only accessible from a few whitelisted IPs, Aurochs can accomodate that firewall configuration request. For disaster recovery and business continuity processes we store daily database and input file history for upto two weeks and monthly scheduled backups for upto three months.

Multi-instance data isolation

Aurochs software is deployed to achieve complete data isolation per instance. Your data does not reside on the same instance as any other client's data. To achieve increased security you can also request that your instances of Aurochs Software be deployed within a Virtual Private Cloud with a VPN tunnel from your in-house datacenter for a small extra fee.

Product development

Aurochs software operates on an agile development paradigm with two week feature sprints. Bug hotfixes will run on a faster schedule to ensure your incentive compensation processing is not held up. Seamless upgrades will ensure that there is very limited downtime between upgrades. Aurochs software has a well defined product release roadmap which will be constantly updated and shared with our clients. Our feature set will always be designed to be updated as the industry innovates on incentive compensation methods.

Amazon secure cloud deployment

Powered by AWS Cloud Computing

Aurochs Software is deployed on the secure Amazon cloud hosting. Our software can be hosted at any of the worldwide datacenter that amazon manages. Special disaster recovery requirements like backup storage at different datacenter can also be accomodated.

Amazon's cloud has robust controls to maintain security and data protection. It has several compliance certifications including HIPAA, SOC 1/2/3 and PCI DSS. To learn more about Amazon's secure cloud infrastructure and compliance information, please visit