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Integrated quality assurance framework that incorporates input/output integrity validations, configurable outlier analysis, data restatements and month-over-month variations presented using rich data summaries and detailed reports right out of the box.

Aurochs Software

Aurochs software is a simple, self-managed incentive compensation software for the pharmaceutical industry with an integrated quality framework which incorporates both QA and QC elements. The framework is designed specifically considering pharmaceutical industry knowledge and pharmaceutical industry specific data structures.

Aurochs software has in-built capability to create rich visual data summaries which help analysts to track key business metrics and serves as an early warning system for external market events and localized behaviour changes. It also allows analysts to view kickouts of in-built validations for each of the inputs and outputs to avoid multiple reruns and payment delays.

Aurochs software follows a 4 level quality framework -

Data Validations

  • Check for discrepancies within the input file such as nulls, duplicates based on pre-defined key combinations
  • Record Counts
  • Format and structure

Constraint Checks

  • Field length checks for key dimensions such as geography identifier, employee identifier
  • Range checks for data values. For e.g – eligibility value should be between 0 and 1
  • Comparison with valid value lists
  • Month over month variations using configurable thresholds. For e.g sales restatements > 10%, Earning Change > 20% etc.

Referential Integrity checks

  • Data integrity against key dimensions master list
  • Cross-input integrity checks using master files (pre-defined in the software). For e.g use hierarchy file as master for territory identifier, HR database for employee identifier etc.
  • Integrity of output against master input files. For e.g all the geographies in the hierarchy file are present in the territory-product level summary etc.

Business Insights

  • Configurable thresholds to identify outliers such as % target payout > 150%, measures change threshold > 20% etc.
  • Visual dashboards highlighting performance distribution, data trends
  • Descriptive statistics – Average, 10th percentile, 90th percentile, standard deviation etc.
  • Top and bottom performers – plan measures, earnings
  • Top and bottom geographies based on change in performance
  • Plan effectiveness metrics. For e.g % of reps with no payouts, average payout, maximum payout etc.

Aurochs software is designed to identify data and processing issues up front and helps the customer in engaging the salesforce more effectively. This also helps the customer in reducing shadow accounting costs, dispute resolution time and frees up compensation analyst time to support more value added activities. Aurochs has been architected with quality framework as a heart of overall product offering. Aurochs team is committed to creating error free deliverables and payments by continually improving our validations list.