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Are IC exceptions slowing down and complicating your IC process? Is your current IC system only meet the basic needs while exceptions usually are managed with the help of manual processes and adjustments? This blogpost talks about some of the commonly seen exceptions in the pharmaceutical industry that your IC system should be able to handle out-of-the-box.

Qualifiers and Modifiers are a very useful plan components for incentive plan design and enables organizations to meet specific business needs. This blogpost elaborates on some of the different types of qualifiers and modifiers along with few examples.

Clear and precise communication is a key factor of success for incentive compensation programs. The plan has to be presented to different stakeholders in a structured manner. This blog goes over the plan communication process and the thought process behind that.

IC plan operations is generally considered more tactical and is not given the importance it deserves. In this blogpost, we will discuss how to perform a health check for your incentive compensation operations.

New hire IC plan handling is one of the more difficult parts of implementing an incentive compensation management system. Aurochs software makes handling new hire IC plans a breeze. Here's how.

How does one think about quality and the processes that should be developed to ensure error-free deliverables. What thought processes must we use to ensure our processes can prevent errors upfront and if some errors still get through, what processes can we build to capture them?